Smart Air Environmental provides the following services to the greater Grand Stand area from Conway and Pawleys Island up the coast into Wilmington, NC.

Mold Screening

moldscreening1 moldscreening2 moldscreening3
IAQ Screening
Real Estate Mold Screening
Mold Surveys & Inspections
Non Bias Mold Clearance Screening
Viable – Non Viable Mold Analysis
ERMI DNA Mold Analysis
Automotive Mold Screening
Automotive-Vehicle Mold & Bacteria Treatments
Radon Testing
Water Analysis – FHA/VA EPA Approved Methods
(VOC testing) Volatile Organic Compounds
Phase l Environmental Inspections
Phase 2 Environmental Inspections & Sampling
Moisture and Infrared Screenings
Asbestos Testing – Call for Availability
Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
Wetland Mapping
Timber Management, Marketing, Chipping, Thinning
Timber Analysis

Smart Air Environmental has 23 years of property inspection experience and over 14 years experience in screening residential and commercial properties for moisture, mold, radon and other environmental hazards.

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